2023 Adult Grow Groups

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  • "True Spirituality:  Becoming a Romans 12 Christian"

    Led by JR & Tracy Miller

    Sundays @ 9am in room 154

    Christians today live in a world that is activity heavy and relationship light. In Romans 12, God gives us a clear picture of what Christians should look like at the root level. If you’re ready to move from “in” to “all in,” then you’re ready to become a Romans 12 Christian.  

  • (Women only) 

    "5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter/Son"

    Led by Bethany Monhollon

    Sundays @ 9:00am in Room 144

    For mothers with girls newborn to eighteen, 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter is simply a must-have book. Youth culture commentator Vicki Courtney helps moms pinpoint and prepare the discussions that should be ongoing in their daughters' formative years. This class will fill the first 6-weeks; the second 6-weeks will be 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son.


  • "John bar zebedee: His times and his gospel"

    Led by Doug Ebert

    Sundays @ 9:00am in The east sanctuary

    We could also label these sessions "What you should know before you begin a study of John." We will place you on the scene—providing you with information about the people, history, and culture to help you to better appreciate this great work.


  • OWLs Group (Senior Adults)

    "xplore the Bible: The Gospel of Mark" 

    Led by Mary Beem & Patrick Carter

    Sundays @ 9:00am in Room 129

    Mark had seen a lot over the years. These experiences made him uniquely qualified to write about Jesus’s life and ministry. Mark’s Gospel is filled with timeless insights about who Christ was and why He came. It’s a first-century narrative with a healthy dose of 21st-century application. 

  • Ladies' Group (All Ages)

    "Acts" by john macarthur

    Led by Mary Beem

    Tuesdays @ 1:00pm in Room 129 (Kid Zone)

    Riots. Intolerance. Accusations. Scandal. Beatings. Plots. Arrests. Executions. Murder...And out of that, the Church was born. Pastor John MacArthur will take you through the story of the earliest Christian movement to show how--even in the midst of persecution and opposition--the early believers were able to rely on God's spirit for direction and divine authority to preach the gospel to all nations.



  • lADIES' gROUP (aLL aGES)


    Led by Delores Stiffler, Carol Hagan & Tempest Stein

    mONDAYS @ 12:30 IN ROOM 129 (kID zONE)

    Who hasn’t struggled to keep Jesus Christ at the center of their life? The Corinthians did, too. In this letter that draws beauty from ashes, we learn diversity is a gift, freedom in Christ is forever, and our unity flows from God’s love and His Spirit in us. Trusted Bible teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee helps us navigate this book with confidence in God’s grace and compassion for each other.

  • Men's Group

    Saturdays @ 8:00AM in Room 129

    "Lies Men Believe: and the Truth that Sets them free"

    Our enemy may prowl like a lion, but his weapon of choice is deception. And too often, men believe him - causing pain, destroying relationships, and missing out on the life God intends. In Lies Men Believe, Robert Wolgemuth exposes some of the most common lies and explains how they hold you back from freedom, joy, and intimacy with the Lord and others.