Family discipleship

At Eudora Baptist we believe the home is the most spiritually influential aspect in a child's life. This agrees and is motivated by scripture when Moses told Israel "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might..... You shall teach them diligently to your children" (Dt. 6:5-7). We believe this can happen within church ministries, but ideally occurs within the family home. 

EBC offers ministries for kids and teens. We think these are valuable. You can find more information on those pages. We also desire parents & families to feel equipped to create an atmosphere at home where all members can thrive spiritually! Yet, this can be a challenge. It can also be intimidating to many parents. We would love to help. 

Below are several resources that EBC would recommend for parents, grandparents, and anyone leading the next generation. These come recommended to help equip you to lead your family in spiritual growth. There is no silver bullet. And there are many other ways we seek to partner with you, but these are great tools for you to utilize. 

  • Podcasts

    "Family Discipleship Podcast" by Training the Church -

    "Tiny Theologians" by Training the Church

    "Focus on the Family" - various helps, topics, experts with parenting from a biblical perspective

  • music

    Seeds Family Worship

    Worship in the Word by Shane & Shane. Found on RightNow Media

  • training

    "Family Discipleship Guide" An intensive guide for parents to outline goals and vision for their family's spiritual growth. 

       -by The Village Church

    Jen Wilkin 6 week course

    Rooted ministry Top 10

        A monthly publication for the top 10 resources of the month. 

recommended reading for parents

These are books that assist parents in how to disciple their family. Some are topic specific and some are big picture process. 

  • Family driven faith

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  • shepherding a child's heart

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  • Family discipleship

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  • mama bear apologetics

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  • family shepherds

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  • Family worship

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  • god's grand vision for the home

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  • Family worship bible guide

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  • gospel centered parenting

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resources for younger kids

Below are several resources that are best suited for kids from birth to about 5 or 6 years old. 


"Jesus Storybook Bible" -Sally Lloyd Jones

"Indescribable for Little Ones" -Louie Giglio

"One Big Story Bible Storybook"

"The Big Story: Bible Stories in 5 Minutes" 

"The Promises of God Storybook Bible"-Jennifer Lyell


"New City Catechism"

Resources for elementary/middle kids

Below are resources best suited for kids Elementary age up to preteens


"Indescribable" -Louie Giglio. 100 devotions about God, creation, & science

"Old Story New" or "Long Story Short" -Marty Machowski

     5 days per week Bible reading plan with discussion. Short, sweet, & doable, yet helpful! 

"Making Him Known" series -by Truth78 Ministries

"Foundations for Kids" -Robby Gallaty


"New City Catechism" 

A catechism for boys & girls -Voddie Baucham


"The-Ology" -Marty Machowski

"The Case for... for kids" -Lee Strobel

"I'm A Christian Now! Younger Kids" workbook. 8 week workbook to help with Cristian basics

"What A Child Should Know About Prayer" -Nancy Guthrie

resources for teens

"Foundations for Teens" -Robby Gallaty

A 260 day Bible reading plan. 

"Family Worship" series -Rob Reinow

Josh McDowell Ministries daily devotions


"10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask & Answer About Christianity" -Rebecca McLaughlin

"Truth Matters" -Andreas J. Köstenberger


"New City Catechism"