Use Your Gifts at EBC

Whether you’re a musician, a teacher, a great cook or maybe you just like to clean (Hey … it could happen!) you’ll find plenty of opportunities to serve within our fellowship.

LOGO Worship Worship and Praise Teams – these are the folks who set the tone of our worship service with music, prayer, and special presentations.

Worship Service Coordinators – which includes our Door Greeters, Ushers and those serving in the Sound and Video Booth.

LOGO Love Discipleship Leaders – those who lead or facilitate our Bible Studies, Small Groups and present in-depth training on topics of interest.

Fellowship Team – these are the people who make everyone feel welcome by scheduling our church-wide events like picnics, potlucks and movies.  They even have enough time to bring donuts for Sunday morning!

LOGO Serve Missions and Outreach – provides opportunities for service in South America, Africa, or even in your own community.   See the Missions and Outreach page for more details

Youth – our activities and events are largely led by the Youth themselves, with guidance and assistance provided by this Team.

Children’s Ministry – from helping out in the Nursery to participating with children’s church, Vacation Bible School and Awana, this team is dedicated to ensuring that our children are building their lives on a firm foundation.