The EBC Vision

Worship,  Love,  Serve

WorshipWe believe the bible clearly tells us to be people of worship and prayer. Thus, we are committed to creating an atmosphere that focuses on crying out to God in worship and prayer. Our Sunday services are planned so people can encounter our Savior, Jesus Christ. And when you encounter the Son of God, there is nothing else to do but worship Him.

So we ask all members to be committed to worshiping with their church family & setting aside personal time each day for you and your Savior. In addition, we ask that you pray for God’s working in EBC.

Our Worship and Prayer Teams work together to keep us focused and driven to worship.

LoveLearning to love God and love others is a lifelong process. We never want to come to a place where we think, “We’ve arrived.” That is why we are so committed to discipleship and fellowship. We have many groups for you to choose from to join. We do this so we can create an environment that most optimally helps believers to know each other and press each other on toward godliness.

So, we ask all our members to commit to being a part of a group. Whether that be a Sunday School Fellowship, a Life Group/Small Group, or Discipleship Group. We believe growth best takes place in smaller settings where we can dive into God’s Word together.

Our Discipleship and Fellowship Teams work together to help us learn to love God and love others and thus fulfill the greatest commandment (Matthew 22:37-40).

ServeLastly, we have many opportunities for you to get plugged in and serve here at EBC and the world. Our church family is seriously committed to sharing the gospel and serving the world.

Our Outreach and Ministry Teams help people to get plugged in to serve others and share the Gospel around our community and the world (2 Cor. 5:18-20a).