Planning for the Mission – Building for the Vision

As all are aware, we are prayerfully examining the question of whether we have outgrown our current facilities here at Eudora Baptist Church. This is actually good news for us since it is a measure of how successful we have been in our mission – Worship, Love, Serve.

At our last business meeting the church passed the vote to hire Mantel Teter, a firm that specializes in helping churches in their planning for growth.  They will help us look at our church growth, our vision, and our specific mission field to suggest what (if anything!) we should do in regards to our building and property.

The Next event:  On the 22nd of  January, Mantel Teeter will be here to conduct the first of several interviews. In this first round they will be meeting with a few staff and key leadership positions to get an overview of our church and our community.

How you can be involved:

First, we desire your faithful and continued prayers for the ministry leaders of our church.  In particular we want all to open their hearts to follow God’s leading and getting involved!

Second, If you have specific comments or questions about any aspect of this initiative, use the form below to get these to us.  We especially want to hear about challenges to ministries due to limitations of our current building.

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